A Busy Dog is a Safe Dog.

Stop the chewing!

I think the most asked question among my viewers and followers is; “How can I stop my puppy from eating and chewing on everything in my house?”. Please don’t pay a dog trainer to fix this issue.

Well my friends, it is quite simple. you need to go back to your old fashioned RAW beef meat bones. It is the best, safest and most effective way to protect your home from your dog.

It is also a great way to avoid costly vet bills. if your dog is chewing on shoes or wood and they swallow a piece it can cause a blockage in the intestines. a splinter of wood could cause a hole in the intestine. These can be deadly and very costly to repair the damage assuming you will have caught it in time.

Never feed cooked bones to your dogs

Remember that bones are only safe to feed to your dogs when they are raw. It is the way they would be eating them if they were in the wild. They should also be cut to accommodate your dog’s size. I often see people buying a 16 inch bone for their dog because they want the biggest and the best for their dogs. In this case bigger is not better.

For my German Shepherd dogs I ask the meat department to cut the bones no longer than 3-4 inches. For my smaller dogs I ask them to cut them 2-4 inches. Some places will not be able to cut the smaller than 3 inches because it is a risk to injure their fingers using their equipment.

The reason you want to cut the Raw bones in smaller sizes is so that they can clean the bone marrow out thoroughly and enough that is doesn’t have time to fester, especially in summer time.




Your dog will keep busy and he will chew these beef bones like they are candy until he falls asleep. I recommend that meat bones be thrown away when they begin to become brittle and cracked.

Dog Trainer Tip

The rule of thumb is this; When your puppy is caught in the process of chew something you don’t want him to chew don’t scold him. Simply say not good or phooey and offer him the bone in exchange and when he accepts the bone say good boy. Then pet him and walk away like nothing ever happened.

I will sometimes refill the bones with peanut butter or beef flavored paste to keep them busy and I am out of fresh bones. Having access to the raw bones will keep them away from your furniture and shoes among other things. This reduces the risk of your dog getting into something that might cause injury to them. It will keep their teeth healthy and help them through the teething months.

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Angie Taylor